Nicole Anne Byram


  • Lehigh University , Bethlehem , Pennsylvania (August ’97-June ’02)
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering with a strong minor in Economics, June 2002

Professional Experience

Dec. ‘01—Current: Research Engineer, Department of Biomedical Engineering: Cardiac Assist and Replacement Laboratory, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

  • Lead engineer on a rotary pump program: responsible for budget management, documentation, milestone achievement, and scheduling
  • Redesign and optimization of a hemolysis test stand and procedure
  • Responsible for all rotary pump hemolysis testing: schedule, supply management, test completion, data reduction and analysis, and documentation
  • Wrote many LabVIEW Virtual Instruments (VI = code) to automatically calibrate motors, run pump performance maps, and collect, store and replay pump data at high frequencies while calculating other performance variables
  • Completed testing and trouble-shooting of prototypes; involved in redesign of such devices including the building of new parts/pieces using stereolithography
  • Designed and wrote Microsoft Excel Visual Basic macro to reduce performance map data: separated and organized data, completed calculations, and created plots
  • Learned and became a proficient user of Pro-Engineer CAD software for the design of pump components, including vanes, inflow cannulae, and outflow grafts
  • Completed tolerance drawings for part manufacture
  • Responsible for implant preparation and execution, data analysis and reduction, and documentation
  • Wrote protocols, specifications, and procedures
  • Created 3-D models of human anatomy based on MRI and CT scans
  • Responsible for IACUC protocol submission and annual renewals
  • Worked within a quality-controlled environment

June 1998—Aug. 2001: Engineering Research Technician, Department of Artificial Organs, Penn State College of Medicine , Hershey , PA

  • Assisted in the manufacture of devices and test equipment, test loops, endurance systems, electronics, and calibration devices
  • Performed data acquisition tasks
  • Researched and wrote a computer program to perform dimensional analysis

June 1998—Jan. 1999: Care Technician, Department of Surgery, Penn State College of Medicine , Hershey , PA

  • Cared for animals as part of Department of Artificial Organs in-vivo studies
  • Administered intravenous medicine and managed IV care, replacement, and blood infusions
  • Assisted during surgical events

Leadership Experience

June – August ‘99 Intern, Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry, Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA     

  • Six Week intensive executive training program specifically designed to enhance leadership, entrepreneurial & communication skills, develop global networking relationships and increase business and industry knowledge. One of 77 international interns to be chosen.

Project Work: Matthew Hoey, Inc.

  • Analysis of the present business practices used by the one-man company
  • Creation of a business plan to increase advertising and production success

July 2000 – June 2002: President, Newman Council Lehigh University , Bethlehem, PA

  • Planned, organized, and directed bi-weekly meetings and special events


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